Arisu Kosuta, Illustrator based in Osaka

Born in France, I was introduced very early to the aesthetics of Japanese Anime and Manga Art, first thanks to the French Television where Animes like Captain Harlock, Cat’s Eyes or Princess Sarah were screened on children’s show, but also thanks to my father who’s always been a comic book lover.

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. If the artwork I sign under the pen name Arisu Kosuta is mostly Manga/Anime art, I have been signing a broader range of illustration and art under the pen name Alice von Gotha during the 8 years I spent living in the UK – feel free to check this website out if you are interested!

Aside from freelance illustration, I also work on developing a few webcomics projects on Tapastic and Webtoons, Witchballs (a story about magical Scotland, and also a playground for digital experimentation), ETA:24 (A sci-fi dystopia questioning the quest for perfect health) and Underland, a co-written story still in the making questioning society and the environmental issue.

I’m happy to consider orders! I have done concept art and character design for comic book writer Zakh Fair, the Kudan Japanese Language School in Tokyo, and for Tokyo Podcast.